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Programs & Events

BioHouston’s activities provide the greatest leverage in making the Houston region a world-class competitor in the life science industry. All of our activities are designed to:
  • CONVENE people and organizations that need to come together to make the life science industry in Houston ignite, including scientists, intellectual property and product development experts, venture capitalists, pharmaceutical companies, and others
  • COMMUNICATE and interact so that people and organizations can learn from one another, share information and explore opportunities
  • CATALYZE the discoveries and commercial development so that the true potential of the life science industry in Houston can be unlocked
We are deeply grateful to our many funding partners and members who are helping us fulfill our vision of building the Houston region’s life science industry into a global competitor.

BioHouston hosts over 60 events each year to nurture the critical elements required for strong commercial development in Houston. The ultimate goal is to facilitate translational research and technology transfer, enhance capital formation, increase the availability of investment capital, and support technology development and commercialization
The Texas Life Science Forum is the premiere life science venture conference in the state. The conference is the most comprehensive showcase of cutting edge research and innovative entrepreneurs in the region. With hundreds of national and local venture capitalists in attendance, this conference serves as a vehicle for increasing funding to our community and raise awareness for all that Texas biotech has to offer.
The Annual Luncheon is attended by the Who’s Who of the Houston’s life science community and includes tributes to our honorees. The luncheon recognizes and celebrates the achievements of women who have made extraordinary contributions in the life sciences, energy, engineering, mathematics, technology and related fields. 
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2013 Women in Science Honorees pictured from left to right:
Janet Butel, Ph.D., Naomi Halas, Ph.D., Jacqueline Northcut, Guillermina (Gigi) Lozano, Ph.D., Annell Bay
The annual Chili Cook-Off is one of our biggest events, bringing together over 500 people from the life science community. This half-day outdoor event includes activities such as the jalapeño eating contest, door prizes and freebies.  The cook-off provides an opportunity to network with many of the attendees. 
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Breakfast Forum - The BioHouston Breakfast Forum is open to the community for those interested in the development of the biotech industry in Houston. Each breakfast features a speaker who is prominent in the life science field and attracts researchers, biotech executives, venture capitalists, members of the business and professional communities and others interested in networking and learning about the latest events in this growing field.

CEO Dinner - The CEO dinner is an opportunity for these leaders to network with each other in an informal setting with other life science executives.
Technology Transfer Luncheon - These luncheons facilitate interaction between technology transfer offices and the investors and life science companies in our region.

BioHouston is a trusted source of information and resources about Houston's biotechnology industry. Our programs and resources help connect people with the information they need about the industry.
This award is given out annually at our Texas Life Science Forum to recognize an emerging life science company from Texas that has demonstrated exceptional innovation and potential to commercialize an important product. Adient Medical was the winner of the 2014 Michael E. DeBakey Award. Adient's Mission is the development of orthopedic and cardiovascular implantable absorbable devices with the premise that devices should perform reliably for an intended duration and then simply vanish with intervention.